onsdag 25 april 2018

My first LookFantastic beauty box

Yesterday I picked up my FIRST EVER beautybox from LookFantastic!
I knew what there was inside but still I was SO EXCITED.


NIP + FAB Glycolic fix daily cleansing pads 10pcs sounds very interesting and I thinkI will take these with me when I'm going on vaycay in May. 

Emma Hardie Moringa cleansing balm 15ml. I am so excited for this kind of products! I will try this out soon but I also can take this with me on vaycay in May! It's really good option for liquid makeup removers!

Dr. Botanicals Vegan Bergamot & Poppy seed smoothing body exfoliating bar 100g
I LOVE body scrubs! I can't live without body scrubs it's a MUST HAVE in the shower. I look forward to try this out!

Nuxe Crème fraîche de beauté 48hr moisturizing cream
My boyfriend is so cute, he is really into opening boxes, slightly more excited than me maybe xD
So when he saw this he just "Creme fraiche!!! shouldn't you put this in food, not on your face???"
I think this is my first product ever from Nuxe and it feels very luxurious! It has a slight flowery scent to it but I look forward to start using this too. Sadly it does not have spf...

Pür Fully charged mascara mini 4ml
I love to try out new mascaras!
I am also very curious on the Pür as a brand!

Glamglow supermud clearing treatment face mask 15g
I accidentally squeezed out some product of the tube while opening the cap so I decided to immediately try this out and gosh it was good! It really soaked into the pores on my nose and cleansed them! I think the amount that's left will last for another use on my whole face, at least I hope so!

Creds to LookFantastic for the absolutely amazing content and the mintygreen box itself is SO stunning!

Are you already subscribing to LookFantastic beauty box?

lördag 21 april 2018

Let Your Twilight Sparkle

I made another manicure yesterday that I want to show you!

Avon Magic effects Moonbeam
-silver holographic

China Glaze Let your twilight sparkle topper
-iridescent blue and purple shimmer

Picture Polish haven by Loves Lacquer
-lightgrey cream base with holographic glitters

 I like this colourcombination

Which holographic shade is your allt ime favourite?

fredag 20 april 2018

Review: Sophx Ultra Eyeshadows palette

Hi guys! What a lovely springweather we've got here in southern Finland!

No, I want to share my opinions of the Makeup Revolution (Nowadays just Revolution) Soph x ultra eyeshadows palette! 

 This is how the palette looks like untouched. 

Here you can check out a typical look that I've made with this palette.

These 4 colours are my absolute favourite in this palette!
The shades are Cuppa tea, Iced coffee, Tiramisu and Peaches

I use the shade Fairy Lights a lot.

The shades Cloudberry, Strawberry sweets, Pumkin, Festive flame and Copper coin 
is also veeery gorgeous!

Soph herself said these shades have a bit of fallouts but I haven't noticed any! Maybe it's just fallouts with the more shimmery shades that I haven't used so much yet. 

I highly recommend this eyeshadow palette!

tisdag 17 april 2018

Lumene Nordic Secret Volume Lash Primer

I finally got some time and inspiration to write this review of the Lumene Nordic Secret Volume 
 Lash Primer (gosh I hate when products has this long titels...).

 I made some research before purchasing this because I wanted to be sure that buying this is not just  waste of money. I was surprised that there was not much information or reviews of this lash primer out on the internet! It felt quite risky to purchase this for 21 euros without knowing if it's gonna work.

Holy Cow I am happy I bought this!
I've used it every time I apply mascara and I am very pleased by the result!
Everytime I put on makeup I look forward to use it. 

It does not make my eyelashes clumpy or heavy, it's just make them long and holds the curve all day long. I believe this works with any mascara but I've used it with mostly Avon and Oriflame mascaras. 

The brush looks brutally big but don't let that scare you down. This lash primer is easy to use even if the brush is that big. For me the product sticks easy to the lashes and even if I'm a bit shaky on my other hand the product just sticks to the lashes and not the area around them. 

21€ is a very nice price for a great product like this! I hihly recommend.

fredag 13 april 2018


I'm a very messy person, that's one reason why I want to become a minimalist. But I also LOVE when my things are pretty and organized and the surfaces are clean.... I found out that my box where I was keeping my makeup brushes took a lot of space on my table so today I had one mission: go find a jar where I can store my brushes. 


I got this practical (and pretty) glass jar from a second hand store for 1 euro.
That's a bargain. Every single brush suited in the jar!

How do you storage your makeup brushes?

torsdag 12 april 2018

Look Fantastic

I literally got sick of the bad content of the finnish beauty box called Bette Box. I was so hopeful but only one out of four boxes were good so I wont continue my subscription on that box anymore! 

I got so mad I FINALLY started a subscription on Look Fantastic Beauty Box instead! I got my subscription via Bonusway and I will therefore get 6€ back at my bankaccount soon because I chosed the 6 month subscriptionalternative. 

You can also join the Bonusway family via this link: CLICK!
Register or sign in via Facebook. Supereasy!

 Because I registered on Look Fantastic I got a discount code on LF for you! Use my code VILHELMINA-R3
to get
£5 (5,73€) discount on your first order over 25£ (28,67€) from lookfantastic.com or shop directly via this link CLICK CLICK.

onsdag 11 april 2018

BetteBox April

I got my BetteBox yesterday.
I felt joy when I first saw the Lumene Nordic Chic cc color correcting pen in shade Peach. I love most of the Lumene products!

Then I saw the Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Skin Cream and felt a little disappointed, because I've already tried this product out about a year ago and it's not a new product. But it was good!

Then I felt a bit "mjeeeh" about the rest of the box content! 

ibero makeup eyeshadow applicators... who does even use these anymore??? Ok except of Simply Nailogical. 

Talika Eye Therapy patch 1 pair. Should be reusable but nowhere is written HOW I can reuse them or HOW I should storage them between uses.... 

Schwarzkopf got2b Volumaniac root lifting spray. Ok I am not very interrested in hair products and I have put that information to the team of BetteBox but STILL I GOT HAIRSTUFF in like EVERY box???? What's the point? I don't mind if I get shampoo or conditioner, they are usable but some hairstyling products... No thanx. I WANT MAKEUP. 

Parfume tester of Oscar de la Renta in the scent Bella Blanca was a great surprise!

Total worth this month: 43,98€

What's your opinion of the April BetteBox?