lördag 20 januari 2018


Hello! I want to show you guys my purchases from December and beginning of January. I got ill after my vacay up North so I could not try out my new cosmetics in a few weeks. Now I am getting back on track slowly. 

Sorry for crappy pictures we don't have good daylight here in Ekenäs at the moment. xD
I ordered these 3 products from eleven.fi in mid-December.

Lumene Instant illuminizer in shade Shimmering dusk
(I will insert a picture of me  testing this first time in the end of this post). This is a gorgeous liquid highlighter.

Lumene  nordic secret volume lash primer. I've tried this 3 times now and I got to admit I'M POSITIVELY SURPRISED. Anyone wanting a review of this in the end of this month?

From NYX I ordered  Build 'Em Up powder brow filler to replace my favourite "easy and fast" browgel from essence. Well, I'm not convienced yet. This is quite hard to work with sometimes. Review is coming up for this, I promise!

From another Finnish brand I ordered these two skincare products. It's Dermosil's Energy facial cream (my gosh! my skin LOVED this last winter) and of course a Purifying clay mask that I can compare with my other new face masks

On this picture I'm wearing Lumene's instant illuminizer on my cheekbones, browbones,cupids bow, nose and in my eye's innercorner. On the cheeks I also applied Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter from theBalm to get a little warmth to the look. 

Have you tried out some of Lumenes highlighting products?

torsdag 18 januari 2018

Oopsy Daisy!

 I was in Tampere last Saturday with lovely Daniela (check out her mostly nail inspired beauty blog!). And when two beautyjunkies meet it somehow HAPPENS that they shop a lot of cosmetics... 
Oopsy Daisy!
But I'm not really sorry for that because I'm so curious of these products.

From Sokos I bought:
 Curaprox Black is White whitening toothpaste

Maria Nila Sheer Silver conditioner

Moisture Bomb Sheet masks from Garnier:
Super-hydrating soothing mask
Super-hydrating re balancing mask

YesTo tomatoes Detoxifying charcoal paper mask
 Real techniques Bold metals collection 201 pointed crease brush

From Kicks I bought:
Smashbox photo finish foundation primer minisize (15ml)
LH Cosmetics Flash Crayon in coppery shade Whipple
JorgObé Peel off mask
. Read a review of this product (in Finnish) written by Virve Vee.

Well.. that wasn't all that i bought. We went to The Body Shop and I had one item in mind that I wanted... well...
The specific item I wanted was the Himalayan charcoal purifying glow mask. I found it quite easily. But they had SALE at TBS so... we looked around there and Daniela found this Countdown to New Year calendar and when we looked through the content there was this charcoal mask in full size and 7 other items for just 5 more euros than the actual mask normally costs! I got soooo excited and I'm so grateful that Daniela was sharp enough to see this (when I wasn't)! 

Over to the content in this calendar:
Himalayan charcoal purifying glow mask
Spa of the world Hawaiian Kukui rich nurturing body cream
Vitamin E moisture cream
Vitamin E nourishing night cream
Matte lipstick in shade 430 Sienna rose 
Glitter dust gold & Glitter dust pink
Cute headband with bunny (?) ears

Have you bought something on the january sales yet?

torsdag 11 januari 2018

haven and flowers

So... in December I made about only one manicure and this is how it looked like. 

As base I used the shade Haven by PicturePolish.

 This sandy scatter holographic nail polish si soooo BEAUTIFUL. 

I used also blue flower-waterdecals that I got from a friend. 

Which nail polish brand or shade is your "all time"-favourite?

onsdag 10 januari 2018

My nail polish collection

I thought I would show you guys my current nail polish collection. I did sort them by an alphabetical order by their names!


P-W (one polish in shade Pool crush is missing at the moment)

Some top coats and random ones without a name

These is the nail polishes I have at the moment. Do you own any of these too? 

söndag 31 december 2017

My opinions of the tester's

Before my Christmas Holidays-trip up North I wrote this post about what I'm taking with me (skincare) to Kajaani. Surprisingly I used some of the tester's up! 

Products marked with a X is what I tried out during my holiday.

Mossa Youth Defence moisturizing antioxidant day cream with blueberry and vitamin E
1,5ml. I tried one out and I liked it. My skin did absorb this very well. Like other organic products this had that "herbal" scent that reminds me of daddy's car wash liquid XD. 

Dermalogica daily microfoliant. I have to admit I was surprised when I opened this packaging. It was such a dry powder... There weren't any description on the package of how to use it but I figured out I should mix it with some water and then apply on my face with circular movement. It was a gently but efficient face scrub, I liked it.

Ziaja Cupuacu shower balm 7ml.
I used it as a showercream. It cleansed gently and had an amaaaazing scent.
Rituals ultra hydrating black soap 5ml.
It was just weird. The smell was too much  and I didn't get the idea of the product. 

lördag 30 december 2017

Empties of December 2017

The last month of this year is over... how was your Christmas Holidays?

MAC Prep+Prime Fix+ spray 100ml
I really like this product, I know it's actually not a settingspray but I just use it as one. I have already repurchased it. 

Holika Holika Golden Monkey Glamour Lip 3-step kitStep one was a peeling patch (??? Didn't feel any peeling), second step was volume lip pack patch was.... cold and kinda weird. 3rd Step was a veeeery sticky  (annoying) honey lip essence that smelled awful. This was a product I actually regret buying. 

KOCOSTAR Slice mask sheet Watermelon
Smelled like those watermelon-bubbelgums. It did moisturize my skin but I don't think it's worth the hype. 

AVON Clearskin professional Liquid extraction strip 30ml
Was good until it dried out. 
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer 9ml in shade NW20
This was my favourite until I  found the camouflage concealer from Essence. I've tried to use this as a all-face-concealer lately but now it smells quite weird and I believe it's getting too old, unfortunately. 

Himalaya Herbals Mint Fresh Herbal Toothpaste 75ml
I believe this is my 3rd tube already. I love this sensitive toothpaste and will repurchase it over and over again. Good taste.

AVON (?) makeup sponge
Easy to work with but difficult to get clean again. I will not repurchase. 

KALLOS Cosmetics go go repair shampoo 200ml
Did cleanse my hair but felt almost like water, so liquidy it just ran between my fingers... I will not purchase this. 

In 2018 I will hop on a project on instagram that is called #365daysofempties. I found this at @finnishthatmakeup and @declutteringtodream on instagram. I will probably present the products on IG and then write a review of them on my blog also. feel free to follow me on instagram: @mimalism_

lördag 16 december 2017

Thinking like a minimalist

As many of you already know I'm thinking now minimalistic in my living, my everydaylife and in makeup. I want to pan what I already own instead of buying new things and makeup for like no reason or just because it is really really hyped. 

I'm travelling up north (Kajaani to be exact) over Christmas Holidays and our packaging limit is 8 kilograms per person. This is giving me a lot and lot's of concern. But I think I will make it. Plan B is to borrow some space from my boyfriend's suitcase.... 

This is the skincare/cleansing products I'm gonna bring with me.
Aqualan L Emollient cream is a thick cream that I can use for face, body and even for removing makeup. I have put it in a smaller container. This is working very well as both night- and daycream! 

I think Micellar cleansing wipes is a very effective way to remover makeup and it's great that you can use it for removing eyemakeup also. Simple is a very good brand.

Silver conditioner from Pravana and Red Orange shampoo from Dermosil.

3 x Mossa Youth Defence moisturizing antioxidant day cream with blueberry and vitamin E
1,5ml certified organic. I look forward to test this out.

Dermalogica special cleansing gel and daily microfoliant. I got these from a friend and I believe I would never buy these in normal size because of the price  anyway. Let's see how they work on me. :)

Ziaja Cupuacu shower balm 7ml is like a "in-shower-bodylotion". I think I just will use it as showercream. The other tester is a goat's milk body lotion. I have this at home and I like it very much. This is also 7ml.

Rituals ultra hydrating black soap 5ml. This sounds veeeery interesting. I wonder If it will turn the shower all black x'D
I have tried out some Rituals products before and I have really liked them, at least the smell of the products. 

Last but not least s the Weleda Pomegranate Firming face serum 1,5ml.
Certified Natural skin care. I don't care about serums anymore because I don't find them really necessary to my skin care routine.