måndag 19 februari 2018

Mask Monday

I thought that in this kind of serie like Mask Monday I will show you guys the face- or hairmasks that i own and give you my opinions and maybe some advices. I will show one mask in every post. 

First out in this serie is:
LUMENE Harmonia Nutri-Recharging purifying peat mask
Contains Nordic Chaga & Peat. 
Directions: Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse with warm water. 

This is a tester which contains 15ml of product. I have to say I am surprised by how long this lasts! I've already used it twice (on my whole face) and it's not empty yet! 
It clears my pores very well even if I just leave it for the minimum time of 5 minutes.
 Gotta love it!

lördag 17 februari 2018

LH cosmetics Whipple Flash

In Tampere (mid of January) I had one clear mission: 
Go find Kicks and the go find LH Cosmetics!
 I bought this coppery crayon in shade Whipple flash and it is sooo gorgeous it really make my greyish-blue eyes pop! It's longlasting and easy to apply. I Love love loooove this product! 

This is my absolute favourite product of January.  

I had some photoshoot today with real flowers and it's always fun to bring the nature into the photos of beautyproducts. 

It does not show up as beautiful at it is in this one picture but it really sparkles IRL.

Have you tried out something from Linda Hallberg (LH) Cosmetics?

torsdag 15 februari 2018

Curaprox, NO.

In mid of January I bought this whitening toothpaste from Curaprox. I started almost immediately to use it and I've used it for a month now.

Was I clear enough? 

The brush is soft and ok. After I've used the toothpaste it ALWAYS feels like I have sand in my mouth. I feel so dumb because I paid 16,90 euros for this BS. 

Do you use any whitening toothpaste? How does it work in your opinion? 

lördag 10 februari 2018

January Bette Box

Because I subscribed for 3 months of Bette Box I got the January box for free. Here are the content and down below also my opinions. 

LIERAC Hydragenist moisturizing serum oxygenating replumping 8ml
As far as I know Lierac is a good brand so I am curious!

Simple Kind to skin eye makeup-remover pads 30pcs
I like this brand and I've used several different products before so I am happy with this!

LUMENE nordic seduction Silky lip fluid in shade Dusk 4,5ml
Oh no. I already know I DON'T LIKE THE SHADE. I won't try this because I'm passing this one to a friend I believe. 

Pepsodent Long active white fresh toothpaste 16ml.
I don't mind really. This is a practical tube for vacays. 

ibero eye lash comb with metal comb teetj and spoolie
Nice surprice, I hope this is good!

TWININGS infuso teas in the tastes of:
orange, mango and cinnamon
lemon & ginger
cranberry & raspberry
mmmmm... delicious!
My opinions on this box:
Well... I like the makeup remover pads and the serum from Lierac... the other products was quite... nay.

torsdag 8 februari 2018

Bette box february

Since I've decided to have a no buy (cosmetics) for this whole year but I'm still  an"addicted" beautyjunkie who loves to try out new stuff I decided to try out the Finnish beauty box version Bette Box. It's been over a year since I last time tried this box out. I really believe it's better to pay 18,90 euro/month on surprices than 50+ euros/month on new stuff I see in the stores. I want to save money so I hope the boxes are good! Here is the content of the February box.

Herbina Gloss & shine moisturizing shampoo 200ml
I think the design on the bottle is quite "childish" and the scent is veeeery sweet but I'm gonna try it out anyway.

BIO2YOU Natural nutritive seabuchthorn cream with panthenol 50ml
It was quite hard to find out if this product is for the face or for your body. My friend then found out it is for the face! Thanks to her! This is a totally new brand for me so I'm really excited to try this out :D 

LUMENE Balance Nutri-recharching purifying peat mask 15ml
This sounds very interesting! I will try it out very soon.
LUMENE testers in the same series: serum and moisturizer

rfsu sense me Oh yes! Stimulating gel 10ml
I am not very exciting for this kind of product. Let's see if I will try it out or pass it over to someone xD

CARMEX classic lip balm 8,4ml
Well. First: I don't like lip balms in jars. They feel very... nonhygienic. Second: I don't like Carmex lipbalms. I had to try it out though just in case I've change my mind. Nope. Still don't like it!

MARC ANTHONY Nourishing argan oil of morocco Sulfate free conditioner 250ml
Wow, a very large tube of conditioner! I don't mind. I often like these argan oil-things so I look forward for trying this out!

My opinions of this box?
I am very pleased with the content. I don't like to buy hairproducts so I am very happy with the shampoo and conditioner! I actually like everything but the Carmex lipbalm. And the stimulating gel.

fredag 26 januari 2018

First empties of 2018

This is the first empties of 2018!

Biorè Deep cleansing pore strips. I loved this product! I would repurchase. 

Aqualan L Emollient cream. A thick cream with multipurposes. I used this as a nightcream and to remove my makeup. My favourite cream ever. 

Avon Advance Techniques Dry ends serum. I liked this because it made my dry hair so silky and soft. I liked the scent too. 

Oriflame Feet up Cracked heel repair Foot cream is my favourite foot cream and I don't use any other foot creams than this! I will repurchase. 

Nivea Creme. Very moisturizing but a bit too thick in my opinion. I would not repurchase. 

Simple micellar cleansing wipes 25pcs. I liked these. I don't know if they were better than other brands though. I will probably repurchase. 

Avon Senses lagoon exfoliating body scrub. I am disappointed. It wasn't "scrubby" enough. I will not repurchase. This is my favourite scent on body care by Avon by the way. 

Aloe vera by Forever Living Hand & Face Soap. I did use this only as a hand soap because this bottle was broken from beginning and I had to put it over in another bottle and then I felt it wasn't hygienic enough to put on my face. I did not like this and would not repurchase. It was so expensive. 

Avon Senses heaven harmony shower cream. I used it as a hand soap because the practical pump and I liked it in that purpose. I will maybe repurchase. 

Dermosil lip scrub & care. I kinda hated this product. It was like glue and was hard to apply to the lips. I don't recommend this product. 

Glam of sweden brow gel was DRIED OUT when I first time opened it and it was SEALED. So I just wasted 2 euros. 

Avon Mark. Big & Daring volume mascara. I used it a few times then it dried out so I will not repurchase. 

Essence make me brow Brow gel in  shade soft browny brows. I LOVED IT. It had a tiny spoolie brush for applicator and it was very practical. I'm sad because this is empty and I can't find a new one online or in stores...

13 empties of this month. NOT BAD. How many empties do you have? Leave a link to yout empties post or video down below please.

lördag 20 januari 2018


Hello! I want to show you guys my purchases from December and beginning of January. I got ill after my vacay up North so I could not try out my new cosmetics in a few weeks. Now I am getting back on track slowly. 

Sorry for crappy pictures we don't have good daylight here in Ekenäs at the moment. xD
I ordered these 3 products from eleven.fi in mid-December.

Lumene Instant illuminizer in shade Shimmering dusk
(I will insert a picture of me  testing this first time in the end of this post). This is a gorgeous liquid highlighter.

Lumene  nordic secret volume lash primer. I've tried this 3 times now and I got to admit I'M POSITIVELY SURPRISED. Anyone wanting a review of this in the end of this month?

From NYX I ordered  Build 'Em Up powder brow filler to replace my favourite "easy and fast" browgel from essence. Well, I'm not convienced yet. This is quite hard to work with sometimes. Review is coming up for this, I promise!

From another Finnish brand I ordered these two skincare products. It's Dermosil's Energy facial cream (my gosh! my skin LOVED this last winter) and of course a Purifying clay mask that I can compare with my other new face masks

On this picture I'm wearing Lumene's instant illuminizer on my cheekbones, browbones,cupids bow, nose and in my eye's innercorner. On the cheeks I also applied Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter from theBalm to get a little warmth to the look. 

Have you tried out some of Lumenes highlighting products?